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Cat Melodeon

Cat melodeon, pronounced melojen, is a well know slang expression for an appalling performance.  Often shortened to “cat” the reference is to a melodeon/accordion played so badly it sounds like a cat wailing.  Having been asked to knit a cat melodeon this is what I came up with:

Woolly Sheep

These Sheep were a quick project using 100% merino for the bodies and bamboo cotton for the legs and head.  My children adore them.knitted lamb




knitted sheep


Yet another non-feline on woollycats! This is Albert, an African Grey Parrot.

Some more birds

Some exotic visitors found in the beautiful surroundings of Union Wood, Co. Sligo, before flying off to their new home.

knitted chickadee

Black capped Chickadee.


Hand knitted bird


Downey Woodpecker, hand knitted in bamboo yarn

Downy Woodpecker

Hand knitted in Sligo Ireland

Downy Woodpecker

Ally Cat

This cat is an all too common sight in both rural and urban areas.

He and his type are the product of too few people neutering their cats.

The cat population is increasing with rescue centres stretched to capacity.  The cat that this knitted version is based on is a lucky one who has a permanent home at a veterinary clinic where he oversees the comings and goings, organising patients and staff alike.

hand knitted cat, in merino yarn

Alley cat in his natural habitat

roof top cat

King of all he sees.

Knitted alley cat

My world.

hnad crafted cat

Reflecting on life

Wall walking

Wall walking

Many thanks to Darren Carr for more fab photos:)

Tip, an old friend.

Tip is a childhood friend, she used to wait for us at the school gate everyday.  Since there are no photos to work from, Tip was knitted from memory :)


knitted cat

 designed and hand crafted in Ireland

Woolly Woodpecker

Someone asked me if, as well as cats and squirrels, I could knit them a red bellied woodpecker. So here he is pictured far from his usual home in Canada and northeastern USA, flitting around the woods on the shore of beautiful Lough Gill in Sligo, Ireland before heading off to his new home.

The name is rather misleading, I suppose, as the red plumage is mostly on the head but there is another woodpecker called the red headed woodpecker who obviously got in first in the naming stakes!

knitted woodpecker hand crafted in Ireland   knitted woodpecker hand crafted in Ireland


knitted woodpecker hand crafted in Ireland   knitted woodpecker hand crafted in Ireland


I love the way tabby cats have so many wonderful patterns, tiger stripes, mackerel pattern and lovely splodgy blotches. This one is called Ginger, appropriate, don’t you think? :)


Woollycats on tour

Last weekend, went on the road to People’s Photography! Every year, the railings of St Stephen’s Green in Dublin are opened up to photographers from all over Ireland to exhibit their photos and this year, Darren Carr displayed his superb pictures of woollycats’ little hand knitted felines.  Of course, some of the models made the journey too, and both the photos and the cats brought smiles to a lot of faces as people wandered around the Green enjoying the photos on display.


You can see more of Darren’s photographs on his website,, and more of his woollycat pictures will no doubt appear here in the near future.





The woollycats genepool

Everything has to start somewhere. The handknit cats of start here. Wool, cotton, bamboo, cashmere and merino. The yarn used in crafting each one of these little woolly felines is chosen to best suit the real thing!